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The BIG Food Truck is a low-cost weekly food scheme that supports people across the community who are managing on a low budget.


How does The Big Food Truck work?

Food bags are made up mainly of items we collect from local Food Manufacturers, Wholesalers and Supermarkets. We are also part of a national food network that redistributes large amounts of surplus food from across the country. As we don’t know what we are getting each week we cannot guarantee what items will be in the bags. However, the value of the food you get in your bag will be a lot more than the weekly membership fee.


You will also be doing your bit to save the planet as we are reducing the amount of food going to landfill so it’s a win/win situation! You will need to sign up as a member of The Big Food Truck scheme, there is no cost for this.


Where is my nearest hub?

Please check on our website: or give us a call on 07488 310 368


How do I sign up for membership?

You can sign up to become a member by visiting our website or texting this number 07860027502 with your name and postcode. The details you give us will not be shared with anyone outside of the scheme. 


Are my personal details kept safe?

Absolutely. We only ask for the information we really need, this is to help us understand who is using The Big Food Truck. We might contact you with a quick survey every so often so we can make sure you are happy with our service. For more details, please see our Privacy notice on our website.


How do I put in my order?

This is really easy, once you have registered we will text you weekly in advance with your order, you will then text us back to confirm.

What if I can’t get to collect my order?

If you have put in an order but are not able to collect it, please make sure you let us know by text to. 07488 310 368, If you want somebody else to collect it for you that’s fine but they will need to pay for the pack on your behalf.

How much are the Food Bags?

  • A single bag of food is £4.00

  • A family bag of 3 bags is £6.50

  • A large Family of 6 bags is £13.00

How do I pay for my food bag?

You will be able to pay by cash or card when collecting your food.


What are in the bags?

What’s in the bags changes each week, but as a guide.

Family Bags

  • One bag of Fruit and Vegetables

  • One bag of chilled food 

  • One bag of cupboard items


Large Bags

  • Two bags of Fruit and Veg 

  • Two bags of chilled food 

  • Two bags of cupboard items


Single Bags

  • one bag of food made up of some fruit and veg, some cupboard items and some chilled food. 


I don’t eat meat; will I still be able to order a Food Bag?

You can order a vegetarian pack on your order form. As we don’t know what foods we will have available we cannot always guarantee Vegan food.

Can I swap any items that I don’t want?

We are unable to swap any of the items on the day, but you could always swap with other members.


I am confused by the date labels, what do they mean?

We will never put anything in the food bags that are not safe to eat. However, some items might be past their ‘Best Before Date’. For more information on Best Before and Use By dates, click here.

If you have any other questions, please get in touch

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