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We’re creating a local food resilience cycle to rescue and
repurpose food that is destined to be wasted.

Join us in supporting communities across Blackpool and the Fylde.


Worth of food is wasted
in the UK every year


We want to support an additional 8,000 people per month who are experiencing food insecurity


Children in Blackpool alone live below the poverty line


Lancashire produces over 27,000 tonnes of food waste every year. We want to rescue 1% and give it to those who need it the most


We want to collaborate with 100 suppliers and manufactures who will donate their
surplus stock to the
BIG FOOD pledge

Our Pledge:

With more than 27,000 tonnes of food being wasted in Lancashire alone annually, we estimate that just 1% of this could support and feed an additional 98,000 people per year. We are determined to see this happen, but we can't do it alone.

Our Goal:

We are driven to create a community combined of local food manufacturers, food suppliers and food retailers, as well as individuals and families, that will donate their edible surplus to The BIG FOOD Pledge. In turn, creating a resilient food system that can withstand and recover from any disruptions. 

How we use your Pledge:

Not only do we strive to encourage individuals to reduce the amount of food waste, but ensure the supply of food surplus is distributed and used to its fullest potential for the benefit of those in need across our local communities. 

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Brand Quote

As a local company within the Blackpool Area, 95% of our team live within Blackpool and the Fylde, and all the Owners and Directors are born and bred in Blackpool.


from one of our partners

It's so important for Trevor’s Food Service to be supporting Blackpool Food Bank with their project, The Big Food Pledge. It's deep within the culture of Trevor’s Food Service to support our local community in any way we can.” Matthew Hitchen, Purchasing Director for Trevors Food service
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